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Visual Verification Station (Vstation)

The Vstation (Visual Verification Station) Terminal is a tool to assist guards in maintaining the access control and security of your facility at an entry point. It takes the input provided by an access card and provides a Visual display of the Card Holder associated with an access card, and any additional information of the Card Holder based on the Card Holder database.


A maximum of 32 Vstation terminals can be integrated per SpectrumLX system.  For larger enterprise systems multiple SpectrumLX systems can be integrated utilizing our cluster architecture.  For additional information on our cluster architecture and the number of available workstations please refer to the SpectrumLX Series documentation.

Works with your SpectrumLX series Access Control and Security System:

  • Seamlessly integrates into the SpectrumLX Series
  • Shares Card Holder Database with SpectrumLX


  • Operates as a standalone system (requires QuickPic) or integrates seamlessly with SpectrumLX Series Access Control and Security System
  • Integrates seamlessly with the LX Technologies MVstation for portable verification via wireless handheld device
  • Integrates seamlessly with all LX Technologies products
  • User defined fields for display
  • Customizable screen layout
  • Optional upper link to SpectrumLX Series
  • Dockable screen menus
  • Visual verification for clear positive identification
  • Secured communication from handheld device to system
  • Secured communication from network to device
  • Incorporates SafeCryptNet encryption technology
  • Supports Smart Card technology
  • Supports and runs on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista