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January   2010 -  Released
- ICD-810 and IAD-4514 panels for the Freedom systems and also Neutron/Accs systems.

June 2009
Released  Freedom to All Dealers

LX Technologies is proud to announce a single system, operating on one computer, that encompasses all the features necessary to effectively secure and monitor your building. 
The Freedom series digital video recorder is the latest from the LX Technologies, Inc., family of products and utilizes the most advanced technology in video and audio encoding, decoding, hard disk recording and TCP/IP.
 The Freedom system was designed to offer the customer a complete security system including access control and video recording while eliminating the high costs and hassle of integrating separate systems. 

March 2009 updated training center

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How to Build Cat 5 cable How to Build Cat 5 cable

January   2010 -  Released,    ICD-810 Hardware Panel -  The ICD-810 Intelligence Control Device provides 8 inputs, user defined, supervised or non-supervised. The unit is   expandable to 16 inputs with an optional 2 ECD-43 daughter boards. The panel provides
output for 10 Form C heavy duty commercial contact relays capable of handling 5 amps at 30 VDC or 3 amps at 120/220 VAC and expandable to 16 outputs with optional 2 ECD-43 daughter boards. There are 5 LED's on the board which monitor the clocking pulse and the communications between the ICD-810 and the IAD-4514. Also the ICD-810 has LED’s for all input and output points.

January   2010 -  Released,    IAD-4514  Hardware Panel - The IAD-4514 Intelligence Access Device provides real time control and processing for access control, alarm reporting and remote control operation in the security environment. The IAD -4514 has three  highspeed  communication ports, 14 inputs, user defined, supervised or non-supervised, 2 inputs nonsupervised and 5 Form C heavy duty commercial contact relays. The IAD 4514 with three communication ports, the first port is used to communicate to upper host, the second port can be used for remote connect to a central alarm station or can be used for lower panels ICD-810. The third port can be used for Rs485 readers or can be used for access keypad (IAD-KPAC-2). Furthermore the IAD-4514 also has various memory storage options (See your dealer for more information). Standard memory is 512K of static ram and expandable to 16 Meg of static ram.

SafeCryptNet   SafeCryptNet™ is incorporated into all SpectrumLX Series products as well as being available as a third party DLL library for Developers.