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Neutron System (for OEM's)  

Where Data Encryption meets Security and Access Control"

The Neutron system is an automated secured entry access control system for gate operators. By using standard access control hardware the Neutron system automates the process of verifying the credentials of traffic entering a secured area portal. Valid authorization allows traffic to enter, invalid credentials stop the flow of traffic and alert the security personnel to intervene.
Neutron supports a maximum of 2 or 4 lanes of traffic per package. Multiple packages can be combined to form a larger system.
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  Watch the Video (Manned Gate)
  Watch the Video (Unmanned Gate)
  Neutron power-point side show(9mb)
  Watch the Video (Neutron PDA in Action)
  Watch the Video (Neutron Station in Action)
  Watch the Video (Interview using Neutron System)

Typical Applications Include:

military facilities, embassies, utility plants, oil refineries, airports, courthouses, ports, bridges and tunnels, dams, water treatment facilities, office buildings, etc.

Screen Layout
System Architecture Layout
Notable Features
  • Flexible software architecture permits queries from a desktop, handheld computer or tablet PC
  • Supports LX Technologies products, MC55 | Motorola Mobile Computers wireless handheld devices, Tablet PCs, Smart Card technology, and most common bar code and biometric sensor devices – including the military CAC bar code format
  • Health and status monitoring add-on module provides customers with real-time system function and diagnostics through a direct connection, or wirelessly utilizing high-speed Ethernet radio or satellite
  • Innovative, highly customizable software interface with user defined fields, customizable screen layouts, dockable screen menus, and visual verification features
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art SafeCryptNet data encryption technology for all databases and communications, ensuring safe data transmission from network to device – including wireless devices
  • Supports 2 or 4  lanes of traffic per package – multiple packages can be combined to form a larger system
  • System architecture provides customers with a single data entry interface that exchanges information with related databases using ODBC compliant sockets
  • Neutron can be seamlessly integrated with new or existing perimeter security and access control equipment, traffic signs and loop detectors, motorized gates, and a variety of other vehicle sensors  Custom solutions can also be designed.
  • Supports and runs on Windows 7

SafeCryptNet   SafeCryptNet™ is incorporated into all SpectrumLX Series products as well as being available as a third party DLL library for Developers.