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The MVstation (Mobile Verification Station) utilizes a wireless handheld device as a tool to assist guards in maintaining the access control and security of your facility at an entry point. It takes the input provided by an access card and provides a visual display of the Card Holder associated with an access card, as well as additional selectable information regarding the Card Holder based on the Card Holder database. For additional security and peace of mind all data is stored and securely encrypted at the host computer.


The MVstation™ is seamlessly integrated into the SpectrumLX Series Access Control and Security Suite, the Intelli-Gate System, and the QuickPic Video Badging system greatly enhancing your existing security infrastructure.   The MVstation provides the ability to perform mobile and random security checks, remote alarm monitoring and remote video viewing from a wireless device.

The MVstation is not only a Pass/No Pass validation station, but the Guard has at his/her finger tips the ability to view a cardholder’s full database record including signature and biometric data if available.  The MVstation also has override control to send commands to the SpectrumLX or Intelli-gate System providing the ability to control Gates, Parking Lights, etc...

Notable Features

  • The Enterprise Digital Assistant (MVstation™) offers maximum features and productivity for rugged mobile personnel verification
  • Secure computing and data exchange using the patent pending SafeCryptNet ™ encryption technology
  • Hot swappable, rechargeable Li-Ion battery for extended use
  • Conforms to IP54 design standards
  • Real-time access to wireless network for data transfer
  • Fast access time for quick movement of personal (more the one at the gate, like bus, etc.)
  • GO/NO GO status indication for clear positive identification (GREEN,YELLOW,RED,WHITE)
  • 6 User defined fields for visual verification display
  • Supports Multiple Card formats (Proximity, Wiegand)
  • Supports bar code technology (including Code 39
  • format)
  • Supports military CAC bar code format (base32)
  • Supports both Picture and Signature verification for positive identifications
  • Up to 32 MVstation™ devices can be integrated per server (16 servers per cluster, 255 clusters per system)
  • Multiple login supports, Barcode, Wiegand (Proximity card, Smart cards, etc.)
  • Secured Login screen for positive personal use
  • Logout timers if not in use (1,2,5,10,NEVER Min.)


  • Operating System: PPC 2003
  • Processor: Intel® Xscale ™ 416 MHz
  • Flash memory (mb): 64
  • SDRAM (mb): 128
  • Wireless communications: 802.11b/g
  • Bar code scanner
  • Fingerprint sensor ( High Definition 128 x128 pattern )
  • Battery: Removable 3600 mAh Li-ion u to 8-hour
  • Weight with battery: 14 oz.

*The SpectrumLX Series System supports 32 MVstations per server.  The Intelli-gate supports 4 MVstation’s per system.

* See LX Technologies for a complete  list of the  Features

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