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The SpectrumLX Man Trap System (MTS) incorporates all the features and flexibility of the SpectrumLX series Access Control and Security system into a fully functional solution for controlling high security Man Trap scenarios.    Whether operating as a standalone system or in conjunction with a SpectrumLX Access Control System the MTS is the perfect solution for limiting access to secure areas within your facility while providing an effective means to physically detain unauthorized persons until security provides clearance.

In its most basic form, a mantrap is comprised of a set of doors that requires the person to enter the first while the others are closed.   One very popular application for a mantrap is on a clean room, where it is vital to control the flow of air (and dust) in and out of the secured space.   Once inside the first door, the person cannot pass through the second door until the first door is closed.  

In large scale systems such as those found in casinos, healthcare facilities, government installations and large financial institutions, multiple sets of doors can be configured into complex mantrap systems with variable security triggers.


The power and flexibility of the SpectrumLX series Man Trap System allows the user to configure simple or complex Man Trap scenarios involving dozens of rooms and safe areas.  A maximum of 32 Man Trap areas can be configured per system with each Man Trap containing up to 32 readers, 512 output relays and 1024 input points.     


As with all LX Technologies products SafeCryptNet data encryption can be incorporated at the database level as well as throughout field panel communications.   Additional SpectrumLX features such as two-man login support,   two-man access, biometric readers, and homeland security support can be implemented to enhance security based on the specific requirements of the facility.

Notable Features

(some features may be optional based on package and/or configuration)

Dynamic allocation of resource Local Linkage
Configurable card reader format Non response notification
Daily note for each user Simultaneous multi-language support
Real time event capture Selectable cardholder report writer
Event E-mail Selectable Muster Reports
Home Land Security level support Daily note report writer
Centralized Management History report writer
Exceeds AA line supervision Graphical map reports
Will communicate with most types of Wiegand reader All reports are scalable, writable and selectable
Zone and/or Event Prioritization E-mail delivery of reports
Customizable zone and/or event text Keyboard duress capable
Data base table format or user defined Event forwarding
24576 definable time zones (configurable) CCTV switching software
Scrambled pin number communication User-defined Window style control (colors and fonts)
TCP/IP Network communication on fiber or copper Graphical interactive live video
Live Redundancy (up to 16 active servers) SafeCryptNet data encryption, (FIPS 140-2)
Smart Card support (FIPS 201)

The SpectrumLX Man Trap system utilizes LX Technologies field panels and third party readers, turnstiles, and locking devices to ensure the latest security technologies are implemented into your design.   For a complete list of third party devices or for help designing a Man Trap system for your facility please contact your LX technologies sales representative at sales@lxtechnologies.com or one of our dealers listed on our partner pages.

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