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Language Translator   (All Languages supported)                           

The LX Translator program provides excellent support for translating all LX Technologies applications into any language.  Text is translated into a database consisting of either single words or short phrases. These typically appear as window titles, menu items, pop-up help text (balloon help), labels, check boxes, and radio buttons.  The phrases are built into the program in their native language using a simple but special syntax to identify that the phrases require translation.  This tool provides you with the availability to change or add context information for each of the phrases for your system. The tools are designed to be used in repeated cycles as applications change and evolve; preserving existing translations and making it easy to identify which new translations are required.


The LX Translator also provides a phrase book utility to help ensure consistent translations across multiple applications and projects regardless of the complexity of the system or language.   This utility addresses a number of issues created due to the subtleties and complexities of human language.  Note the following examples

A single phrase may need to be translated into several different forms depending on context, e.g. open in English might become öffnen, "open file", or aufbauen, "open internet connection", in German. 

Keyboard accelerators may need to be changed but without introducing conflicts, e.g. "&Quit" in English becomes "Avslutt" in Norwegian which doesn't contain a "Q". We cannot use a letter that is already in use -- unless we change several accelerators.

Phrases that contain variables, for example, "Press F2 to Acknowledge Access Granted; Joe Smith at West Door Number 2 ", where the two numbers are inserted programmatically at runtime may need to be reworded because in a different language the word order and therefore the placement of the variables may have to change. 

The LX translation tools provide clear and simple solutions to all of these issues and more.

 The LX translation tool requires no computer knowledge beyond the ability to start a program and use a text editor or standard word processing program such as Microsoft Word.  

All LX Technologies systems incorporate simultaneous multi-language support.   Each system can be customized to display separate languages based on the user currently logged into the system.

* See LX Technologies for a complete list of the translation databases available for download.

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