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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Using our triggers and procedures that are stored in
memory and is backed up with lithium battery, you can
now make changes on the fly without sending back the
controller to have the changed made.  This system was
designed for the barrier world to support multiple
location and to record all transaction with time and
location per device.
Web Browser Interface
Supports most browser, also supports
Windows®, Linux®. Host Software comes
on a memory stick !
• IDD-2 PLC System designed for 
the Barrier/Gate world!
Search criteria for history
operator can select custom searching and
ouput to PDF format or ouput to an
spreadsheet format.
Audit Trail with PDF Reports
Full audit trail for all user activity, Full
database reporting with PDF output.
Some of the Features
A Network based PLC System
The one place "Where Data Encryption meets Security and Access Control"
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The IDD-2 (Intelligence Distributed Device) provides real time control and
processing for remote control operation in the security environment. The
interface uses web browser and the data is save on an USB stick. (No
Software Installation required)   The board is designed to be ideal for the
replacement or upgrade of a PLC system (barrier system) without
requiring the change of existing sensor devices.