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IAD-4514 Intelligent Access Device

The IAD-4514 provides real time control and processing for access control, alarm reporting and remote control operation in the security environment.  The IAD-4514 has four high-speed communication ports and comes standard with 4 MB Ram (Expandable to 16MB).  The IAD-4514 supports interfacing with four card readers, 14 supervised inputs, and 5 outputs to provide access control at two doors with two readers or at four doors with an individual reader at each door.  The 14 inputs may be used for monitoring door conditions, exit requests, or for general purpose contact monitoring.  The Reader inputs support standard six wire interface accepting most popular reader  (Wiegand), Proximity, Infrared, Smart card Readers, Bio Readers, and integrated keypad readers.   The IAD-4514 is manufactured by LX Technologies and can be utilized in the Freedom series and Intelli-Gate Systems.




The IAD-4514 comes standard with 4 MB of static RAM and is expandable up to 16 MB of static RAM.   The standard configuration supports a maximum of 3,000 cardholders while with expanded memory the system has the ability to support up to 1,000,000 users.

Communication Ports

The IAD-4514 has 4 high-speed serial communication ports. Port one is used as the primary Host communication port. The second port can be used for dialing out to a central station or to communicate to lower panels (IAD-810’s). The ports can be configured for either RS-232, RS-485, TCIP, Modem, or Fiber Communications depending on the type of module installed and the configuration of the system.  The IAD-4514’s communication speed is variable and can be set at 9600 and up to a 2.5meg baud rate. The third port is for communicating with a keypad using RS-485 or RS-232 communication. The fourth port is utilized for updating firmware to the panel.

Reader Inputs

The IAD-4514 is designed to communicate with almost all known reader formats. In addition the IAD-4514 provides 8 custom formats which can be used on any or all reader inputs. The custom formats can support over 175 bits enabling successful integration of smart card or barcode readers.   

Keypad Integration

The IAD-4514 provides a high-speed serial communication port designed specifically for Keypad integration.   This port can be configured for either RS-232 or RS-485 communication and set to communicate at speeds from 9600 to a 2.5meg baud rate.  

*. See LX Technologies for a complete list  of Keypad readers supported.


The 14 input points provided are digitized by an A/D converter and are processed according to the configuration parameters set at the Host. The inputs can be used with or without End Of Line termination (EOL)  End of Line Pack (ELP-1) . Based on this feature and the ability to configure each input independently, various input devices from different manufacturers can be interfaced without difficulty. This feature makes the board ideal for the replacement or upgrade of a system without requiring the change of existing sensor devices.


The IAD-4514 provides five outputs which are typically used by system integrators for switching door strikes or signaling other devices such as gate controls or building systems such as lighting systems, air conditioners, etc.  The outputs are Form C contacts rated at 5A 30 VDC or 3A, 120/220 VAC.

  Manufactured under ISO 9001:
Ensuring consistent quality and performance.