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Freedom Series Systems

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The Freedom series digital video recorder plus security/access control system is the latest from the LX Technologies, Inc., family of products and utilizes the most advanced technology in video and audio encoding, decoding, security, access control, and TCP/IP for both cameras and field panels.  As with all LX Technologies products state of the art data encryption is integrated at the database level throughout the panel communications bringing security to a new level.  


"Who can benefit from Freedom’s Digital Video Server?"

-Retail /Commercial Businesses - The Freedom DVR can be used to save on your bottom line by preventing loss.  A potential thief is less likely to steal if he is being monitored, although, in the event that a thief does take items from your environment the recorded video can be used to assist the authorities in apprehending the criminal.  Additionally the Freedom DVR is integrated with and designed to compliment physical security features by detecting motion when your facility is closed.

 -Industrial & Research Facilities - The Freedom DVR can be used as a facility activity monitor to watch for trouble spots in production or research areas of your facility.   The Freedom DVR can also be used to protect your facility when the building is closed providing the peace of mind that your facility is safe from intrusion, and your assets are protected. 

 -Educational and Government Facilities - The Freedom DVR can be used to monitor the campus ensuring that if any problems arise the proper personnel can be deployed to assist in dispelling the trouble.   The Freedom DVR is a great tool to monitor “who” is on campus and “when” they are on campus.

-Homeowners - The Freedom DVR can be used to monitor your home with real-time video and events greatly increasing your peace of mind and security.  The Freedom DVR is a great tool for the active family that can be used in many applications including checking the front door, checking on the pets, or monitoring the new baby and the sitter while you are away. 





LX Technologies, Inc. series PC-based DVR adopts a high performance, Windows based, real-time multi-tasking operating system and hyper-threading CPU, to perfectly implement all the functions needed to build a state-of-the-art surveillance system.  All systems support both IP and Analog Cameras including camera control (pan, tilt, and zoom) with full access control and security in mind.   In addition to the standard features found on most Access Control and Security products the following features are available on the Freedom system. For additional features and applications contact your sales representative at sales@lxtechnologies.com.

Freedom Series software packages include:

 (some features may require additional hardware)


Microsoft Windows ® XP or  Vista and Windows 7 Beta

User-friendly menu interface

Supports Video streaming for Remote Video Viewing

Supports 16 Readers (Wiegand interface)

Real time event capture

Supports 248 Input Point

64 Configurable Video Camera View

Supports 212  triggering relays 

Centralized Management Support (*MgrSqlConsole)

user-defined graphic maps

TCP/IP Network communication

Arming and Disarming Keypad  Support

Event Linkage Support

Event Video Recording

Customizable Report writer

Time based Video Recording

Configurable card reader format (8 formats )

Supports video motion alarm detection with time zones

3000 Cardholder database (expandable )

User Permission Level

All reports are scalable, writable, and selectable

Record Audio & Video ( AVF,ASF, with user selectable  Decoder formats) (H.261,H263,H264…..)

Multiple Monitors Support for optimal viewing (up to 8)

Event monitoring through email

Integrated color graphics interface (video, control, layers)

Supports external Monitoring Services

Built in CD/DVD Burner  for database backup and video  storage. Schedule and Burn Now options.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom support for cameras (digital or analog control)

* some features may require additional hardware

       FREEDOM Server

  FREEDOM Remote Admin      FREEDOM Centralized Management          FREEDOM                    Mobile Viewer
Supports a maximum of 16 Video Devices (IP/Analog), 16 Doors with access control, 248 Monitor Points, 212 Outputs (relays), and 4 Keypads.   Enables the user to remotely access the Freedom Server via a local or Internet connection to modify or configure system functionality and view video (live and/or recorded). Enables the user to remotely access the Freedom Servers via a SQL / Video Management System to modify or configure system functionality and view video (live and/or recorded).   The Centralized management system can support an unlimited number of Freedom systems.

Enables the user to remotely access both video and events from the Freedom Server via a PDA

(Windows ® CE 5.0 and 6.0).


The Freedom DVR Remote Manager Dispatch System is a complete security and video management system. This system, allows you to connect multiple Freedom series systems for database and video management control including the ability to view recorded and live video as well as the ability to change and configure databases (i.e. cardholder information, time zones, security areas, etc.).  All connections are secured and can be called up at any time (time scheduled, user action, or event driven).  The Remote Manager Dispatcher System includes a built in graphic viewer utilizing an internet mapping system (Google, Yahoo) for fast call ups by site.  The Remote Manager Dispatch system uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for optimal security. This is ideal for users that need to monitor and control multiple sites spread over a large geographical region.  Each individual Freedom system can be controlled securely without the sites intervention. 

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