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NVR  Viewer  Module                                     "Where Data Encryption meets Security and Access Control"

Designed to integrate with the SpectrumLX RAM Station software (Remote Alarm Monitoring Station) and a SpectrumLX host system the LX Technologies NVR Viewer is the most up to date comprehensive video surveillance software on the market today.    The NVR Viewer allows you to connect 25 IP cameras per module.  Each RAM station can support 8 modules; with a maximum 32 RAM stations per cluster.  This calculates to 6400 cameras in each of the 255 allowable clusters.  While this is ideal for large systems, the NVR Viewer is also scalable allowing you to start with one viewer and grow as the need arises. 


The NVR Viewer seamlessly integrates with most Network Video Recording systems on the market providing the ability to call up live video based upon events (i.e. alarms, troubles, and access) from your access control system.  Based upon your specific preset conditions the system will process call ups and automatically start/stop recording optimizing the level of security at the facility.


NVR Viewer - This is the most up to date NVR viewer software surveillance system on the market today.

Features & Highlights

·        Codecs: H264, MPEG4

·        Multithreading encoding (*)

·        Higher screen resolutions (1920 x 1200, 1680 x 1050, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 800, 1440 x 900 and 1920 x 1080)

·        Full screen view

·        Multiple display capabilities over several (max. 8) monitors for optimized viewing

·         Screen pop-ups on motion or alarm activation

·         Alarm on objects passing between predefined regions

·         Digital watermark

·         Video lost detection

·         On screen video loss message

·         Video de-interlace filter

·         Image size indicator

·         System log

·         Multi level password protection

·         Embedded I/O devices control

·         Supports dynamic IP address

·         Password expiration management

·         System idle protection

·         Authentication Server 

The LX Technologies NVR Viewer accepts video streams from Network (IP) cameras from over 30 manufacturers including all major manufacturers such as Axis, SONY, Panasonic, Toshiba, and D-Link.  In total more than 300+ models supported are supported.

* See LX Technologies for a complete list of the IP cameras and Video Cards manufacturers.

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