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Remote Manager Dispatch System

          "Where systems come together"

The Remote Manager Dispatch System (RMDS) is a complete security and video management dashboard system designed to network an unlimited number of Freedom Series Servers for database control and central video management.  Ideal for users that have multiple sites spread over a broad geographical area that need to be managed centrally the system comes with a built in graphical viewer utilizing an internet mapping service (Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, etc.) for fast call up of individual sites.   Each connection is secured and can be called up at any time based on an event, time schedule, or user action.  Once the individual Freedom Server is queried the user can manage database functions remotely without any intervention from the site personnel.   From the Remote Manager Dispatch System the user can view both live and recorded video as well as change and configure databases including cardholder data, time zones, security areas, etc.   The system utilizes a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for maximum security.

Although originally designed around the Freedom Series the RMDS provides the ability to network multiple applications regardless of the manufacturer under one management system.   The RMDS allows the user to connect any system utilizing a SQL database together for complete central management of large multifaceted security applications.

Who can benefit from Remote Manager Dispatch System RMDS?
  • Educational and Government Facilities with several campuses  
  • ERetail /Commercial Businesses wanting to manage multiple facilities
  • Retail /Commercial Businesses
  • Security and Access Control Integrators who provide remote administrative services for multiple customers

            Notable Features

  • Supports Table/Form Database Control
  • Full Video Management (Call up Live and Recorded Video)
  • Unlimited Security/Video Access (password controlled)
  • Password control on each connects or group
  • Operate on Windows XP or Vista (Windows 7 when released)
  • Alarm Management with Video Call-Up
  • Supports MySQL and MSSQL Databases
  • Remote Backup and Local Backup functions
  • Video File Storage (Remote, Local, Additional Servers)
  • Remote Override Control (Access/Security/Video)
  • Full Email Support (event and user based)
  • Query Browser (SQL Commands, Stored Procedures)
  • Built in Internet Mapping System (Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps)
* See LX Technologies for a complete  list of the datbase support and video control manufacturers.

* See LX Technologies for a complete  list of the IP cameras and Video Cards manufacturers.

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